Indulgence from Austria

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Enjoy the culinary arts in Austria

Austrian cuisine and delicacies

From Bohemia, from Hungary, from Italy, from Germany and from Switzerland: Austria's cuisine has been influenced from all directions and over several centuries and still the result is as unique as can be. Get to know and appreciate the regions' delicacies. It's worth a taste

From Viennese Schnitzel to Vorarlberg's cheese dishes, there is a lot to taste. Almost every county and every borough has something unique to offer. Lots of which is influenced by the regional fruits and vegetables and of course by the local cattle industry. In Styria you can look forward to the special taste of the pumpkin seed oil, in Lower Austria asparagus is very popular and on Tyrol's mountains you might as well find the best cheese due to the outstanding combination of grasses on the alpine pastures. 

Regional and seasonal

For many years, Austria has emphasized on regional and seasonal ingredients. There is such a great variety available in this country, of animal products as well as when it comes to fruits and vegetables or grasses, roots, mushrooms and many more. Look forward to freshly prepared meals made with freshly delivered products. Seasonality is just as much appreciated: asparagus, mushrooms, venison, ramson, … the menu is greatly influenced by the season. Many of the restaurants of course also use international herbs and ingredients.

Austria's pastry
Austria offers a huge variety of desserts

Desserts and pastries

One of the classic desserts and pastries are a must for after your meal or later with your coffee. Maybe the famous Salzburger Nockerl, a warm apple strudel with custard or the Sachertorte chocolate cake. There is hardly any other country with such a diverse dessert culture as Austria. Linzertorte or Esterhazy-Schnitte, Topfengolatschen or Viennese Mohnnudeln with poppy seeds.

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