Austria's drinking culture

Coffee, beer, wine & schnapps at its finest

Austria has not only developed a culture for food, but also a drinking culture that is second to none. From first-class juices and cider to wine and schnapps and the obligatory coffee, there are lots of beverages to look forward to.

Wine of the highest quality in Austria
Wine from the region of Baden

Regional wine

Despite the fact that most of the country is covered by the Alps, Austria still offers an outstanding wine culture. The wine growing areas stretch from Upper Austria to Burgenland and from the south of Styria to Carinthia. Many of the vineyards are on top of the international lists. You can taste this first-class quality at the Hotel and Casino Austria restaurants. By the way, it's always worth tasting the so called “Heurige”, a very young wine, at the Heurigen taverns around Vienna. 

Beer specialties

Austria offers the world's highest brewery density with around 180 breweries. Maerzen, Zwickl and wheat beer are probably the best known Austrian beers. It's always worth asking for regional and seasonal specialties. In the last couple of years some micro-breweries have been founded that specialise on organic production, alternative products and unique, but not outwearing, flavours.

Try the finest coffee blends in Austria
Austrian coffee house culture

Austria coffee house culture

“Verlängerter”, “Melange”, espresso, double espresso with milk, … there is hardly any other country with this many different coffee specialties and names for them. Ever since 1685 coffee houses have been great institutions in Austria and by now have even been declared UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.

Rowan, apricot & co.

“Angesetzter” or fruit schnapps, home production or premium brandy, fruit or nut or maybe even pine schnapps? You will be spoilt for choice at the first-class restaurants in Austria. Plum, apricot, pear, blackberry, cherry, raspberry, … the liqueur or brandy is traditionally served after the meal. 

Further drink specialties from Austria

In addition there are of course also other drink specialties. For instance the many fruit and vegetable juices and apple cider. During the winter you should definitely taste mulled cider, punch liqueur and of course the obligatory mulled wine in different flavours.

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