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Hotel Erzherzog Rainer

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The Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft: your typical restaurant in Vienna

Comfortable and Viennese through and through: the Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft of your casino hotel in Vienna invites you to try a sample of the local Viennese cuisine. 

Viennese cuisine at your restaurant in Vienna

The chance to dine at a typically Viennese restaurant with an al fresco garden should not be missed during your holidays in Vienna. As a guest of the Hotel Erzherhog Rainer you have found your favourite traditional restaurant in Vienna, the Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft.

Down to earth and authentic: Viennese cuisine at a typical restaurant in Vienna

This traditional Viennese restaurant is equally popular with local regulars as well as visitors from around the globe. In a social atmosphere and authentic surroundings you will be able to taste the culinary variety that is offered by the Viennese cuisine.

Regional specialities are the key at your typical restaurant in Vienna: Wiener Wirtschaft

The Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft places an emphasis on serving local and regional dishes and drinks. Whether it’s beer from Vienna, wine from the surrounding wine regions or vegetables and fruit from nearby suppliers: here you will dine with a clean conscience when it comes to regional, authentic Viennese dishes and produce. 

Here the 4th Viennese district comes together: your restaurant in Vienna

Famous and popular with the locals, the Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft in Vienna is also first choice for great menus: at lunchtime you will be able to enjoy freshly prepared dishes. In addition, seasonally inspired menus bring variety to the table. Whether game, asparagus or pumpkin: only the freshest ingredients are used at this Viennese restaurant in the fourth district.

Look forward to your menu at the Restaurant Wiener Wirtschaft, your traditional restaurant in Vienna. Your casino holiday in the Austrian capital is a perfect opportunity to get to know the variety and colourful dishes of the Viennese cuisine, for example with the Dinner & Casino Night or the Casino Package Fortuna.

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“The Hotel with Viennese Spirit”

The Hotel Erzherzog Rainer is a true Viennese hotel. Located in an old building with its fine interiors it really moves you to the old good times atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The cleaning service is perfect. Breakfasts (included) are offered in cosy halls, food is divesre and tasty. But the most important thing for me (as usual) was that it is really nice for sleeping. In this hotel you sleep very well and get up fresh and full of energy. (...)

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