Vienna: now or never!

Austria’s capital offers every guest what he needs. Museums – like the Vienna Secession – music – like in the opera house – and entertainment – like in the Vienna Prater. The city on the Danube still offers its visitors all of the imperial flair. Enjoy a stay in the beautiful city.

Vienna: muse, kiss and avant-garde

The world’s largest Bruegel collection and the world’s most beautiful kiss – the one painted by Gustav Klimt – can only be seen in Vienna. Enjoy the variety of styles and epochs. Baroque opulence and cool avant-garde harmonize in a creative tension. The young art scene grows in the palaces and impresses just like the old masters in the modern museums.

Imperial Vienna – classic splendour

A walk through Vienna is like a journey through time to the imperial past. No wonder the historical centre was declared World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO. In Vienna you will find not less than 27 castles and more than 150 palaces. Enjoy culture everywhere in the city like in one of the ancient coffee houses. Fancy a bit of shopping? Visit one of the Imperial-Royal Warrant Holder.

Vienna: Mozart, Strauß & DJ sound

Every evening 10.000 music enthusiasts can listen to live classical music in Vienna – you won’t be able to experience something like that in any other city. Over the year the Viennese concert calendar offers more than 15.000 events of all sorts of genres. There is no other city in which that many composers lived and worked: Mozart, Mahler, Haydn, Beethoven and the king of waltz Johann “Schani” Strauß. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Boys’ Choir are well-known and loved all over the world and the Vienna opera house as well as the Vienna concert hall is one of the most popular and traditional music venues. Vienna not only known for its classical music but also for more recent DJ sounds – the “Vienna Sound”. Before you start your musical evening enjoy a delicious dinner at the Hotel am Parkring or the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer – the Casino partner hotels in Vienna.

Casino in Vienna

The Vienna Casino is located in the middle of the city in the Esterhàzy Palace. The oldest building on the Kärtnerstraße was built in the 15th century and answers all expectations of the noble centre of Vienna. Elegance and history harmonize to create the unique atmosphere for the more sophisticated preferences. In the stylish rooms at the classy casino and the Jackpot Cafe you will find a wide range of card games, roulette and slot machines.

The Viennese cuisine: indulgence for all senses

The Viennese cuisine is the only cuisine being named after a city. Vienna is the only metropolis in the world with an own viticulture within the city borders. The Viennese coffee houses serve as perfect oasis of cosiness and are well known all over the world. Vienna offers a great variety of gourmet venues: the more traditional Beisl and Heurigen as well as the coffee houses and the restaurants.

Vienna: a place worth living

Vienna is a wonderful place not only for visiting but also for living – and that is official! The Mercer-Survey 2010 again declared Vienna the world’s number one when it comes to liveable cities. There are not many cities being as green as the city of Vienna, even the centre of Vienna provides several parks, where you can relax or do sports. The city also has a well working urban infrastructure and is considered to be one of the world’s safest metropolises.


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